Two criticisms levelled at the field of cognitive psychology are that it 1) has traditionally explored information processing that is common to all individuals and has largely ignored individual differences, and that it 2) focuses on theoretical considerations and often fails to establish real-world significance. To ensure our discipline has the greatest impact, it is essential to understand differences as well as commonalities in cognitive processing, and to conduct quality, robust research that is grounded in theory but has clear applications.

The Applied Cognition research group at the University of Salford considers human thinking and processing from both a theoretical and applied perspective. Taking a predominantly experimental approach, and specialising in studying visual attention and perception, we aim to understand differences, improve performance, and enhance wellbeing. By keeping the individual at the heart of our work we conduct research that has clear value, both to stakeholders, and to society.  

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”

Shakespeare, Hamlet: 1599-1601