Emma Barnes

English Research Seminar: Emma Barnes

We are delighted to announce the latest English Research Seminar, taking place in person on Wednesday 7 December between 2:30 and 4:30 on the University of Salford campus. Unfortunately Caroline Magennis will now not appear due to illness. If you wish to attend as a member of the public, please contact Scott Thurston on S.Thurston@salford.ac.uk.

Emma Barnes in Canada

Reignite Your Research: Archival Research Trip to McMaster University, Ontario, Canada by Emma Barnes At the end of last year, the University of Salford announced a ‘Reignite Your Research Fund’, which aimed to support staff whose research had been negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. This funding was dedicated to help facilitate new research partnerships

New Publication from Emma Barnes

We are pleased to announce the publication of Emma Barnes’ first peer-reviewed article! The piece entitled ‘Critiquing Settler-colonial Conceptions of ‘Vulnerability’ through Kaonain Mary Kawena Pūku’i’s Mo’olelo,“The Pounded Water of Kekela” has appeared in a special issue of Transmotion, ‘Indigeneity and the Anthropocene’, edited by Assistant Prof Martin Premoli at California State University. Emma’s article

Emma Barnes at Diversifying Victorian Studies

We are pleased to report that Emma Barnes is a respondent at this important seminar which explores the current state of Victorian studies. As the abstract proposes: In the wake of the BLM protests in summer 2020, calls to diversify nineteenth-century studies have beenringing out across the academy in the UK, Europe and North America.

Emma Barnes in the PSA Newsletter

Emma Barnes has published an article entitled ‘Another Settler Move to Innocence: Unmarked Graves and Discourses of Discovery’ in the PSA Newsletter for Feb 2022. In light of the uncovering of mass graves in Canada, the most recent PSA newsletter is dedicated to foregrounding Indigenous voices through literature, art, storytelling, and articles about reconciliation initiatives