The U-INconti Study

Study Title: Investigating mortality and morbidity associated with UrINary incontinence during Older Womens Secondary Care Admissions (U-INconti) and exploring nurses experiences of delivering related care

Project Team:

Professor Heather Iles-Smith, Professor of Nursing, University of Salford and Northern Care Alliance NHS Group.

Dr Yu (Maggie) Fu, Senior Research Associate,NIHR ARC AHSN Fellow, Population Health Sciences Institute, University of Newcastle. Yu Fu <>

Robyn Mccarthy, Research Assistant, School of Health and Society, University of Salford

Professor Linda McGowan, Leadership Chair-Applied Health Research, Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Leeds.

Research Group: CSHR, KHP, Long-term conditions and Digital Health and evidence based practice

Project Funder: Health Education England

“Im so pleased that you are doing this research my poor mum really suffers from this and it rules her life. It seems like an invisible problem” Anonymous male healthcare professional