Summer Internship – International Travel Bursary

The University of Salford – in collaboration with Santander Universities – offers the opportunity to apply for an International Travel Bursary .


This year, our very own Hannah Arhinful has won a studentship and will be working throughout the summer in Boston! We will post here her updates.


The adventure begins…….


International Travel Bursary Award


My name is Hannah Arhinful and I have currently finished my second year of studying BSc Psychology at the university. At the beginning of the academic year I wanted to do some work experience or placement within clinical psychology as I am interested in mental illness, addiction and brain disorders. Furthermore, I dreamt of being able to do a summer placement abroad not knowing specifically where at that time. It was after this that I saw an announcement on the student channel about the International Travel Bursary Award which is an award scheme within the university, sponsored by Santander Universities. The scheme aims to provide a bursary fund for students who aim to study, take an internship or conduct research abroad in the countries that are within Santander Universities.

My objective for applying for an international travel bursary is to undertake an international summer internship programme in the United States of America with a practitioner clinical psychologist at the Massachusetts Arts Academy in Boston, Massachusetts.  This is based on my interest in pursuing a career in clinical psychology upon completion of my current programme in BSc Psychology.

In addition, the summer placement with a clinical psychologist will allow me to have a hands on experience of what practitioners deal with on a daily basis and also enable me to interact with clients as well as beneficiaries of programmes being implemented in the Boston Arts Academy.

Through the support from the programme leaders and my personal tutor on the course, I have been granted the travel bursary of £1000 in order to partake in this internship opportunity.

This programme will be important in the internationalisation strategy of Salford University because it will allow the faculty at the Department of Psychology at the University of Salford to interact with colleagues at Boston Arts Academy and the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Overall, I will be creating a blog in order to record the work that I take part in during the summer internship.