Dr Lauren Owen

Dr Owen is the head of the NPBD Unit (Nutrition Psychopharmacology & Brain Development Unit). Her research interests are broadly in the area of nutritional and pharmacological interventions to alter brain and cognitive functioning. Within this field research includes the effects of drugs, metabolism, and dietary intervention in the context of cognition, mental health and wellbeing.


Dr Owen is the Program Leader of The Psychology of Sport undergraduate degree program. Dr Owen also leads modules on bio pyschology and cognitive function as well as addictive behaviours and psychopharmacology. Dr Owen teaches on a range of additional modules including research methods and statistics.

Research Interests

Enterprise activities:

Dr Owen has worked in a consultancy capacity for a range of large nutritional and pharmaceutical companies and organisations. Dr Owen is currently working with Health Innovation Manchester which aims to discover, develop and deploy new solutions that improve the health and wellbeing of Greater Manchester. Additionally she is currently involved in activity with the charity Teams4u (in Uganda) which aim to change the lives of deprived children, and their communities, through supporting education and healthcare.

Psycho-biology, Addiction, Psychopharmacology, Cognition


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Postgraduate Research

Dr Owen has supervised numerous PhD, MSc and undergraduate students as well as managing of research associates and Interns. She currently supervises 2 PhD students.