Welcome to the Salford Prophage Puppet Masters

The Salford Prophage Puppet Masters (SPPM) is a subgroup of scientists and researchers, from the University of Salford, working on the Prophage Puppet Masters project. This project wants to understand how the prophages interact between them and are able to manipulate the host physiology and metabolism.

Who are involved in the SPPM?

Dr Chloe E. James

Senior Lecturer in Medical Microbiology

Email: c.james@salford.ac.uk

Chloe’s research explores the molecular mechanisms by which bacteria interact with their surroundings. She is particularly interested in how certain viruses (bacteriophages) influence the biology of bacteria and in the development and spread of antibiotic resistance. Her work has contributed to a better understanding of antibiotic resistance mechanisms and bacteriophages that integrate into bacterial hosts as prophages.

Active in science communication and public engagement, Chloe runs microbiology-based activities at science festivals to increase public awareness and understanding of AMR. She is interested in how immersive technology and art can be used to enhance learning about microbiology and has developed a network of multidisciplinary collaborations to find new and exciting ways to do this. Chloe is also Chair-Elect of the Impact and Influence committee for the Microbiology Society (2019-2023).

Dr Ian Goodhead

Lecturer in Infectious Diseases

Email: i.b.goodhead@salford.ac.uk

Ian has used cutting-edge genomics technology to perform early sequencing of parasite and bacterial genomes of medical and veterinary importance. He now implements next-generation sequencing technologies to understand microbial pathogenesis and host-parasite interactions, in interdisciplinary research groups at Salford University. Ian has a wide range of collaborations including at the University of Liverpool and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. He also oversees all research in the Salford School of Science, Engineering and the Environment as Associate Dean.

Dr Enrique González-Tortuero

Postdoctoral researcher

Email: E.GonzalezTortuero@salford.ac.uk

Enrique’s main interest is the impact of symbiotic interactions, including parasitism, in the evolution of their hosts at both the molecular and population level. He considers that this idea is not only applicable to the species level but also to the genomic level if mobile elements and viruses are assumed as parasites. He has previous experience working in the bioinformatic analyses of host-parasite interactions (from viruses and mobile elements to protozoans), and now he is involved in the bioinformatic analyses of the interactions between the Liverpool Epidemics Strain (LES) of Pseudomonas aeruginosa prophages and its host.

Contact us

If you have any enquiries about SPPM, or any questions about prophage research at Salford, please contact Dr Chloe James or Dr Ian Goodhead.