Patient perspectives on the treatment

As part of our development and pilot study, we delivered Cognitive Muscle TherapyTM to 11 patients who had a diagnosis of knee osteoarthritis. After six clinical session, delivered over a 12-week period, we observed mean reduction in pain (measured using the WOMAC pain questionnaire) of 69%. Further details can be found in our published paper.

Feedback from patients was universally positive. They reported that the intervention allowed them to understand and challenge the way they move and react to pain. They also described the process as allowing them to “create a new normal”, to be “in control of their own treatment” and to feel like they were addressing the “cause not the symptoms.” One participant described the intervention as “genuinely life changing” as it had had both a psychological and physical impact and had resulted in her feeling “more energised.”

Patients also explained that the intervention had “changed mind and body”, giving them a new level of conscious awareness of their body movements. They also felt that the use of animated videos and biofeedback was invaluable and that this had provided them with a completely new level of understanding. This understanding had enabled them to “reset expectations” about their knee pain and give them a new feeling of “responsibility” for their condition.

Watch the video below for an individual perspective on this treatment.