UK homicide rates are up amongst young men, and austerity and inequality may be to blame

By Jul.08, 2020

Dr Antony Ellis, Lecturer in Criminology and Sociology, has published an article in The Conversation and a blog for the London School of Economics discussing explanations for the steady year-on-year increase in the UK’s homicide rate since March 2015 which has affected young men in particular.

Tony highlights in The Conversation article that “The sharp rise in homicide among disadvantaged young men since 2015 correlates with intensifying austerity. Like men who came of age during the 1980s, today’s disadvantaged youth have grown up in the aftermath of a global recession and amid austerity that has limited their prospects. This raises another tragic reality of rising violence today. As during previous rises, largely disadvantaged and insecure young men are competing with one another for reputation and social status. In the process, they’re turning on men just as disadvantaged, economically marginalised and politically abandoned as them“.

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