Cohort 1 Student profile

Emma Lubel

My PhD title: Human-machine interfacing using ultrasound for upper limb prosthetic control. 

State-of-the-art upper limb prosthetic control methods measure the electrical signals propagating through the muscle using sensors on the surface of the skin, and translate these into motion. This has issues due to the low spatial resolution, low penetration, and complicated relationship between signal and intended hand motion. Given the high spatial resolution and high penetration of ultrasound, my project focusses on how we can use ultrasound to analyse the mechanics of residuum limb muscle and directly infer motion that way. 

Institute: Imperial College London

Supervisors: Professor Dario Farina, Professor Mengxing Tang

Hobbies: My main hobby (and the main way I spend my time) is cooking – I’m vegan and a huge lover of food/cooking/making up recipes. I’m getting a kitten in December and calling her Miso as a testament to my love for miso, it definitely features in over 80% of things I cook. I also like lino printing and spend a lot of time on that!