Cohort 4

Ruth Brown

Host Institution: University of Strathclyde

Project Topic: Micro-engineered devices for assessing cellular responses to mechanical stimulation of ex-vivo tissues.

I studied Biomedical Engineering at Glasgow University (although, before this, I did strongly consider the P&O clinical degree). My main interests were Rehabilitation Engineering, 3D Printing Micro Devices, and Entrepreneurship.

After completing the BEng, I joined a start-up providing Orthodontic support and highlighting the need for more clinical evidence in the medical field, the disconnect between manufacturers, clinics and clinicians and the impact this has on those seeking treatment. 

I still hadn’t lost my interest in P&O and finally committed to the clinical undergrad. I was surprised by the lack of clinical evidence and excited about how the field could develop. I completed the first year but was inspired by the CDT and the issues it aims to address.

Hobbies: All things artistic and musical! Sports used to be involved there, but sudoku took its place during Covid. I do still love travelling, adventures and the great outdoors, though!