Cohort 4

Peter Mazzey

I completed my undergraduate master’s degree at the University of Bath in Mechanical Engineering, during which time I undertook a research project looking at the design and thermal analysis of a novel total artificial heart device developed by the company Scandinavian Realheart. I continued working with the company during the summer of my final year, looking at the design and fluid mechanics of the outlet pipe of the device, before continuing my studies at Imperial College where I completed an MRes course in Bioengineering. My project for this course looked at the effect head shape has on the failure mechanics of trapezium replacement implants used in first carpal metacarpal joint arthroplasty.

My current project is looking to develop a low-cost, scalable, automated design-through-manufacture pipeline for patient specific footwear as an early intervention treatment of diabetic foot ulcers. This will be done at Imperial College and my supervisor is Dr Connor Myant.

My hobbies include music (both playing and seeing live events), travel and volleyball.