Cohort 2

Matt Wassall

The title of my PhD is “K Level Classification through real-world activity assessment of lower limb amputees”. My supervisors are Dr Sibylle Thies, Professor Malcolm Granat and Sir Saeed Zahedi.

The aim of the PhD is to create an objective assessment method that can enhances the reliability and consistency of lower limb prosthetic patient’s K level classification. The objective method will be a sensor based system that can measures variables which characterize aspects of human movement, and to use these to classify the patient’s activity levels in the real world. From reviews of past literature and interviews with clinical experts the most desired variables to measure are cadence, step count, walking with or without an aid and if the patient can travers different terrain. The system will need to be either attached or built into the prosthesis and be as cost efficient as possible to meet the feasibility requirements

My hobbies are really just ice hockey.