Cohort 1 Student profile

Jennifer Andrews

Project Title: Foot skin hydration: Quantification, Interpretation, and Opportunities for Modification.

Project details: The foot skin is a common location for dry skin to occur. This can quickly lead to pain and disability, particularly in vulnerable patient groups. Little data is available on the hydration of the foot skin, how this is linked to the physical behaviour of the skin, and how this may be modified by topical applicants. The purpose of my work is to contribute to this knowledge base by collecting data on the composition of foot skin and how this relates to skin characteristics, including hydration and physical behaviour.


Professor Chris Nester


Dr Farina Hashmi, Dr Carina Price, Dr Dan Parker

External Co-supervisor:

Dr Marc Masen (ICL)

Hobbies and interests:

Outside of my work, I like to keep myself very busy. I work at a local pub, I volunteer with Manchester Village Angels,  I indulge in long-distance running, and I play rugby for Trafford MV. I have also recently joined the local chess club, at which I am yet to win a single game!