Cohort 2

Jack Hayes

My project is “Optimisation of the skin-prosthetics coupling: Biomechanics of the skin-prosthetics interface”

“22% of prosthesis users abandon their device within one year and 63% report one or more skin problem before 1 year of use. Why is this the case? My project aims to understand some of the mechanisms that might lead to skin breakdown and developing therapies and products to reduce the prevalence of injury. This involves taking classical engineering theory and experiments and marrying them with biological techniques to approach the problem as an entire system, not individual and mutually exclusive components.”

The work will be supervised by Dr. Marc Masen (, Dr. Claire Higgins ( and Dr. Peter Worsley (

Research interests

  • Tribology of Human Tissue
  • Skin Injury, Inflammation and Apoptosis
  • BioTribology
  • Prosthetics
  • Mechanobiology
  • Florescent Microscopy