Cohort 4

Hannelore Williams-Reid

Host Institution: University of Strathclyde

Project Topic: Wound management and early prosthetic rehabilitation.

Project Driver: Wound healing, soft tissue health and its management after amputation (specifically transtibial) are essential to speed up the rehabilitation process and increase the prosthetic user’s outcome potential.

Supervisor: Dr. Arjan Buis

Background: I studied Mechanical/Biomedical Engineering at the University of Southampton driven by a need to help others (as cliché as it may sound) as well as a love for mathematics and the sciences. Experiencing the psychological and physical challenges, a loss or a change in mobility has had on people I care deeply about, along with my desire to independently research meant a PhD in the prosthetics field, where novel technologies are helping improve quality of life, was the right fit.

Interests: I love to cook and bake (but not as much as my housemates love free cookies), read and try my hand at anything artistic. I rely on gym classes and any exercises where I can be out in nature to destress and will take any opportunity I can find to travel and experience different cultures.