Archived Sites

Over the past few days, we’ve been working on cleaning up the Hub platform to make everything neater and more standardised. One of the major changes that have been made is a large number of sites have been archived.

The majority of sites that have been archived were because they didn’t have any activity within the past two years. More inactive sites will be archived by the end of next week, if they haven’t had any activity since 1st November 2019. This is part of the new archive policy we are implementing, meaning sites that haven’t been active within 6 months will be archived.

Another reason why your site might’ve been archived is because it was empty/hasn’t been changed since the initial creation of the site.

Can you un-archive my site?

Sites can be un-archived if you believe it was done in error, if you would like to start using it again, or if there is important information on some of the pages. If you would like this, please contact the digital team at