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The spread of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, equipment and clients is transforming telephony worldwide. In addition to providing very inexpensive, or even free, international telephone calls there is potentially additional benefit in using computer networks to facilitate telephony. Currently hearing impaired and deaf users are excluded from VoIP services; unless the message is in text form to begin with the hearing impaired user cannot access these services effectively. A current draft ETSI standard (ETSI ES 202 975 V0.0.6r3 (2008‐09)) outlines suggested acceptable performance measures for such a system but as yet these have not been verified.

This project looks at the feasibility of utilizing “speech to text” software in order to generate text from natural speech over VoIP and so improve accessibility. The project will assess the accuracy of current state of the art Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) software and also investigate the rationale behind the acceptable performance measure suggested by the draft ETSI document and assess if this is a reasonable level of performance.


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Further details can be found at the project blog.