Object-based Clean Audio

Project Description

An ongoing research area working with broadcast technology providers leading to publications and public demonstrations at IBC in 2015 and 2016 (Amsterdam), and NAB in 2016 (Las Vegas). Some of this work has been supported by DTS Inc. who were kind enough to host demonstrations of the work at recent broadcast trade shows and conferences and to provide supporting technologies.

Following on from the Clean Audio Project, and motivated by new object-based audio broadcast formats the research aims to investigate the potential for object-based audio broadcast to deliver an improved viewing experience for older and hearing impaired people.


UK Council on Defaness Update

Presentation given to UK Council on Deafness in 2021. This was an update from our previous 2017 presentation at the same event. Link here.

Object based audio

TechShare 2020 Panel on Accessible Immersive Experiences

Creating accessible immersive experiences for multi-media audiences is at the forefront of industry best practice. Let’s hear from the experts who are pushing the frontiers of future, inclusive experiences.

Chair:  Dr. Ben Shirley, Acoustic Research Centre, University of Salford


Larry Goldberg, Senior Director & Head of Accessibility, Verizon Media
Dr Chris Hughes, Computer Science Lecturer, University of Salford
Rupert Brun, Broadcast Consultant, Fraunhofer
Jamie Hindhaugh, Chief Operating Officer, BT Sport

Link to recording & transcript here


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IBC 2015: TV Sound for Hearing Impaired People

Clean Audio for TV broadcast: An Object-Based Approach for Hearing-Impaired Viewers

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