Co-Lead Dr Samantha Gregory
I am a social-cognitive psychologist interested in how sharing an experience with another person shapes perception and memory of the event, with a focus on working memory. As part of this I am interested in how these social cognitive processes change across the adult lifespan. In my research I use a range of approaches including both neuroscience and behavioural techniques as well as using virtual reality to present social scenarios. I am a keen advocate for open science practices. Please check out my personal website to see examples of my work as well as brief talks about my research projects.

twitter: @DrSamGregory

Co-Lead Dr Robert Bendall
I conduct research in affective science – an interdisciplinary field seeking to understand affective and emotional processes. Adopting a range of methodological approaches including behavioural experiments, eye-tracking, neuroscientific techniques, and psychometric questionnaires, my research is currently focussed on the following main themes: (1) the influence of emotion and affective stimuli on visual attention (e.g., visual search and change detection); (2) the impact of individual differences including emotion regulation and personality traits on visual attention; and (3) the associations between habitual emotion regulation strategy use, sleep/chronotype and psychological wellbeing. I welcome applications from students interested in persuing MSc by Research in Psychology and PhD research in the fields of visual attention, affective science, emotion regulation, cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience.

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Dr Adam Galpin
I have been working at the University of Salford since 2007 and my
research is focused on understanding how humans interact with tools and technology. My background is in visual cognition, in particular the use of eye-tracking, but I also employ a range of both qualitative and quantitative approaches to understanding how to evaluate and design technology. I have worked with a number of external partners, including the BBC, on user experience and design research projects. I am currently supervising a PhD project with the BBC on neurodiversity and creative processes. I also collaborate with prosthetists on understanding psychological factors involved in use of prosthetic arms. I am also interested in children’s digital media use. I welcome queries related to external consultancy projects across the fields of media and cognitive psychology.

Dr Simon Cassidy
I’m a senior lecturer in psychology and programme lead for the MSc
Applied Psychology. I lead modules in educational psychology, post-
graduate research methods and postgraduate dissertation. Most of my research can be broadly described as social cognition, how people process and use information from social interactions and how this influences their thoughts and behaviour.  In the past I’ve explored the relationship between social identity and mobile phone use and how different belief systems affect decision making, eye movement and brain activity.  My research focus right now is the psychology of resilience and the development of psychometric measures of academic resilience, the ARS-30.

Paige Metcalfe
Joined the University of Salford in 2019 as a psychology technician. I have a specialist interest in neurostimulation, signal processing, and virtual reality. Currently, I am creating instructional resources regarding generalized linear models in R and developing algorithms to quantify oscillations in pupil diameter.

Sam Royle
I am a lecturer and specialist technician in Psychology, having originally joined the psychology team as a technician in 2015. My own research focuses on the variability in, and cognitive performance consequences of, the alcohol hangover state, however I have contributed to work in a variety of cognitive domains and using a variety of measures, including functional near-infrared spectroscopy, eye-tracking, and other psychophysiological measures.

twitter: @PsyTechSam

Dr Jamie Gillman
I am a Lecturer in Psychology and programme lead for the BSc Psychology of Sport at the University of Salford. My research interests lay in the psychology of performance under pressure and wellbeing. Broadly, my research is centred around the areas of stress and emotion, challenge and threat states, social identity, and social support. I am particularly interested in the psychophysiological reactions to a pressured situation (e.g., sporting performance, exams, presentations, interviews), and how cognitive appraisals shape the way we think, feel, and behave.


Twitter: @JamieGillman