PhD Student, David Beevers, publishes in the BPS Cognitive Bulletin

We are very excited to announce that David has published an overview of the work he completed on an EPS New Graduate Research Bursary in the Spring 2022 issue of the Cognitive Bulletin. David worked on the project with Dr Catherine Thompson during the summer of 2021 before starting his PhD. Details of the Cognitive Bulletin can be found here.

ESRC Festival of Social Science November 2021 – Cognitive Restoration: The effects of the environment on thinking

In November 2021 members of our group organised an event as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science. We had originally planned to host a face-to-face event at a local museum to showcase the effects of nature environments on thinking, however due to the Covid-19 lockdowns we opted to host an online museum experience using Gather. The team (Dr Catherine Thompson, David Beevers, Eve Bent, and Dr Michael Lomas) created the museum event with expert help from Sam Royle, and we also worked with a fantastic student from Animation (Arkadiusz Jakubowski) to create a short video about cognitive restoration.

Seeing into the future – Research Showcase

The Visual Cognition group presented some of their research projects and expertise in an online research showcase in July 2021. This was a great way to communicate our work to those outside of Psychology and it was really nice to see colleagues from other disciplines interested in our research.

Conference success for PhD student Eve Bent

Congratulations to PhD student Eve Bent who won Best Poster Prize at the PsyPAG Conference in July 2021. Eve’s poster, titled: “Examining the impact of lockdown restrictions on autistic children’s (5-11) media usage and outdoor experiences through parental interviews” outlined the plan for the first study of her PhD. She is hoping to take the results to the 37th annual PsyPAG conference next year!

North West Visual Cognition Group

Towards the end of 2019 academics from four universities in the North West established an open research group to discuss and share the psychological research and expertise within our region. The steering group consists of Dr Catherine Thompson (University of Salford), Dr Damien Litchfield (Edge Hill University), Professor Nick Donnelly, Dr Dan Clark, and Emma
Smillie (Liverpool Hope University) and Professor Simon Liversedge, Dr Jeannie Judge, and Dr Federica Degno (University of Central Lancashire).

The group was awarded funding from the BPS Seminar Series competition to host four research seminars between February 2020 and March 2021. The seminar series is currently on-hold due to the Covid-19 situation, but we hope to be able to run the seminars in the very near future. Further information can be found on the group’s website. An outline of the group and the
seminars can also be found in an article published in the BPS Cognitive Psychology Bulletin.

Entry to the APA PsycShorts 2019 competition

In March 2019 the Visual Cognition group was very excited to put together a video that briefly explains visuomotor priming for entry into the APA PsycShorts competition. Sadly, our video did not win one of the 12 prizes, but it was a great (and new!) experience. We also faced some tough competition with around 200 entries to the competition. You can see each of the winning videos here.    

Industry 4.0 

Group members Dr Adam Galpin, Dr Maria Panagiotidi, and Dr Catherine Thompson presented the work of the Visual Cognition research group at the Industry 4.0 event, part of the annual Festival of Research. The audience was very different to that of the workshop in which we demonstrated the equipment, and it is great to share research with a wide range of individuals. 

Want to know what I’m thinking? Look into my eyes 

As part of the
University of Salford’s Festival of Research in the summer of 2019 the Visual Cognition group invited students and colleagues from across the University to our labs to demonstrate some of the unique and interesting equipment that we use within psychology. If you were not able to attend the workshop you can find a short video that captured the event here.    

The group’s presentation at the ESRC Festival with Catherine (right)
being shadowed by Stan the Tyrannosaurus rex

ESRC Festival of Social Science – October 2018

Dr Catherine Thompson and Dr 
Bruno Fazenda took a VR experiment which had been so successful at the Manchester
Science Festival’s Game Lab to the Manchester Museum for the ESRC Festival of Social Science.
Catherine also presented the
research in a pecha kucha 
presentation format at the opening event (watched over by Stan, the T-Rex!) Catherine and Bruno once again had the expert help of Acoustics postgraduate students Will Bailey and Thiago Gelaim. 


Game Lab attendees were able to try out various virtual reality scenes

Game Lab – October 2018

Visual Cognition Group lead Dr Catherine Thompson and Dr Bruno Fazenda, Associate Professor in Acoustics at Salford, took an experiment to study the potential for virtual reality environments to restore cognitive processes to Media City for the Game Lab (part of the Manchester Science
Festival). Attendees were able to try out the different VR environments (one nature and one urban environment) before completing a sustained attention test. Catherine and Bruno were supported by the fantastic Will Bailey and Thiago Gelaim (postgraduate students in Acoustics) and Michelle Wain and Matthew Lucas (undergraduate students on the Psychology and Counselling degree). The team also got to wear (and keep!) some very cool T-shirts.