Social prescribing and inequalities conference 2022 – Call for Participation

Conference title: ‘Social Prescribing and inequalities: critical conversations and practical approaches

  • Date: 26th May 2022
  • Venue: University of Salford – online
  • Information about the conference HERE
  • Tickets available HERE

Call for Participation – Guidelines for Submitting your Proposal

  • Deadline for submitting proposals: 28th February 2022, 5pmextended for poster submissions until 1st April
  • Submit proposal(s) to:
  • Please make sure you can attend the conference if you are going to submit a proposal.

Proposal submission categories

We welcome the submission of proposals on the following themes:

  • tackling health and social problems and inequalities
  • funding sustainable social prescribing (SP) services and ecosystems
  • capturing and sharing the value of SP
  • running and designing SP services for maximum access and effect
  • running SP services during Covid restrictions

Your submission may be based on practical strategies, real-life examples, and/or research to support and manage the continued growth of social prescribing.

Presentation Format

Please indicate your preferred choice of presentation format.  We will then make the final decision on presentation format:


This is a good way of introducing your work in a concise manner, getting feedback, and facilitating discussion. 


An interactive and participatory workshop. Please bear in mind the fact that sessions are online, and whether you wish to set an upper limit on participant numbers, or how you will run the session with no upper limit.


On display throughout the day with dedicated time for delegates to find out about your work.

Proposal details

In your proposal, please include the following:


The title of your proposal should be succinct yet accurately describe its main content. Do not use abbreviations. The title of accepted proposals will be published in the final programme and on the conference website, so please stick with your original title and content of the proposal.

Learning outcomes

Please submit a maximum of TWO learning outcomes relating to your submission – in no more than 50 words. The learning outcomes should describe the skills or knowledge you think delegates will gain.

Main body of the proposal

The main body of the proposal must be no longer than 250 words.

Option 1 – practice based:

Please include the following information (as appropriate):

  • Who
  • What
  • Why
  • How
  • Where
  • When

Option 2 – research based:

Please include the following instead of the above:

  • Purpose and aims
  • Design
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusions and reflections on the impact for social prescribing practice and/or theory

Email address and biography

Please supply an email address and a brief biography (not more than 100 words in total) for publication in the conference programme.


Give first name, last name and name of organisation (place of work or location where work was carried out).

Numbers of proposals per presenter

There is no limit to the number of proposals that can be submitted by any individual or organisation.