Salford Social Prescribing Tool added to Elemental platform

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The University of Salford, Elemental and the Wellbeing Matters programme are excited to announce the addition of the Salford Social Prescribing Assessment & Planning Tool to the Elemental platform. The Salford Social Prescribing Hub at the University of Salford has developed the tool to support the social prescribing process and improve social prescribing outcomes.

Salford’s person-centred assessment and planning tool helps social prescribers (including link workers, community connectors and others) to identify what is meaningful and useful to the person, to co-design a plan that’s right for this person at this time. This can include support with participating in activities, groups and services in the community, rooted in what the person wants, feels, and values. The tool also helps identify additional or alternative pathways to enable social prescribers to support people with complex needs.

The tool will be first used by the Wellbeing Matters programme in Salford, integrated into its Elemental dashboard. Additionally, the tool will now be available on the Elemental platform for any organisations or services that wish to use it to support their work.

Wellbeing Matters has been involved in the development of the tool from its early stages, having been the first social prescribing service to participate in training on the use of the tool at the University of Salford. Feedback and other input from the Community Connectors has been integrated into the tool over the past year, which has been a significant contribution to the tools’ form, function and feel.

The Wellbeing Matters team say: “We are really excited that this tool can now be added to our Elemental platform, which supports our entire process. The tool will help us to have consistency in our approach across all neighbourhoods in Salford and will be useful for building our future workforce.”

Elemental has also been a key partner in the development of the tool, and has been working towards integrating the tool on its platform for quite some time. Helen McPeake, Strategy & Partnerships Manager at Elemental says: “We are delighted to offer the tool within the Elemental Social Prescribing Platform as it is a practical resource for social prescribers to utilise which guides them through a conversational framework.”

This is the fruit of a long-standing collaboration between these three organisations – a collaboration we look forward to continuing!

About the tool

The tool has been developed by the University of Salford to bring an established theoretical framework into a practical resource for the social prescribing community. The theory underpinning the approach is Occupational Science, with strong links to the discipline of Occupational Therapy. This holds that in order for a social prescription to be effective there must be a careful assessment of the person, the environment in which they function, and the prescribed activity. Only when those elements align will the benefit of the prescription be realised. The tool is primarily designed to be used by social prescribers without the expectation of any prior knowledge of Occupational Science, and full training is delivered by the University of Salford as part of using the tool.

More detail about the tool here.

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