HSR presentation: using Occupational Science to improve Social Prescribing outcomes

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Our HSR 2020 conference presentation is up! The conference was due to take place in Manchester 1-3 July, but, due to Covid-19, was transformed into an online conference. So, instead of presenting our poster which had been accepted for the conference, we were invited to create a 5 minute recorded presentation instead. And here it is…

Our presentation gives a brief overview of our work bringing Occupational Science and Social Prescribing together. Given Occupational Science’s established theoretical frameworks around the relationship between what people do and how that makes them feel, we have been working to share key insights from this field with the social prescribing community, in order to inform and improve person-centred outcomes.

A central resource in this work is the tool we have created: the Salford Social Prescribing Assessment and Planning Tool. This is a tool for social prescribers that helps them work with the person to develop a rich and holistic picture of their needs, challenges, values and desires, and co-produce a plan that’s meaningful for them.

The tool is also backed up with training which we deliver – currently online only, but face to face when we are again able to do so. This training (full day or equivalent) is an opportunity to learn about the tool and its underlying Occupational Science framework, and we can also tailor this training to specific organisations to create a bespoke training session.

We’re delighted to share this with you, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback. If you are interested in finding out more about the tool and training, please get in touch with us at: HealthSociety-SocialPrescribing@salford.ac.uk

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