Seminar: Journeys in Unconventional Computing for Music

On Wednesday 1st December we have Dr Ed Braund of the South West Creative Technology Network coming to speak to us on his Journeys in Unconventional Computing for Music. Think music, think computing, think slime! Please note the later than usual start time of 14:30. Click here to join the meeting. Bio/abstract: Dr Ed Braund is

Seminar: Adding Intelligence to Professional Audio Products

On Wed 24th Nov we had a presentation from two Salford alumni on use of Machine Learning within Professional Audio Products, such as their flagship Midas Heritage-D HD96 console (pictured below). This seminar was recorded and you can watch it back at and hear more about how they use this powerful technique. Adding Intelligence to

Seminar: How Machine Learning is making its way into Computational Acoustics

This seminar took place on Wednesday 17th November at 12:30 UK Time. It was recorded and you can find a video of it on YouTube at For this seminar we are fortunate to have Dr Antonio Stanziola from the Biomedical Ultrasound Group of UCL coming to talk to us about the potential for using machine learning

Seminar: Noise Reduction Technologies for Centrifugal Fans

Dr. Ignacio Zurbano Fernández Date: 20th October at 12:30 UK Time Join the seminar here: Click here to join the meeting Abstract Noise emission is an increasing environmental concern in large urban areas and a competitive issue in today’s global market. The fan is one of the most used components in ventilation and cooling systems


PhD Student: Gethin Manuel Date: 13th October at 12:30 UK Time Join the seminar here: Click here to join the meeting Abstract The aim of this research is to develop innovative and implementable blast noise management techniques. The research contains two areas of interest: Firstly, occupational blast noise exposure. Secondly, environmental blast noise. Expect lots

Seminar: Modelling of Acoustic Surface Treatments

This week on 6th Oct 2021 our lunchtime Acoustics Research Seminars resume and we are happy that two recent MSc Audio Acoustics graduates – Johnny Lee and Kim Steele – will present their project work for us. Kim will tell us about her work on developing a time domain version of the transfer matrix method

Seminar: The SPAACE Project: Speech Perception by Autistic Adults in Complex Environments

by Hannah Guest, Alex Sturrock, George Bendo, and Graham Hanks 12:30 – 1:30 pm (UK time) 26th May 2021 Microsoft Team Meeting: Click here to join the meeting Abstract: Among the autistic population, there are longstanding personal reports of atypical speech perception; yet empirical evidence is inconsistent, generally based on underpowered studies, disparate methods, and

Seminar: Noise perception research and addressing communities on noise issues

by Roalt Aalmoes The Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) 12:30 – 1:30 pm (UK time) 19th May 2021 Microsoft Team Meeting: Click here to join the meeting Abstract: Aircraft noise is the most significant cause of adverse community reaction related to the operation and expansion of airports. For this reason, the Environmental & Policy support