Welcome from SCELT Lead: Professor Jacqueline Leigh

Professor Jacqueline Leigh

Salford Community for Excellence in L&T vision and purpose is to foster an institution-wide ethos for research-informed and innovative L&T practice. We hope to inspire the academic community and cultivate excellence. The focus of our work during the next academic year will be leading the SCELT Scholarship scheme.

We are clear that learning and teaching (L&T) and educational research must be a valued, integral and inspiring part of the University of Salford’s landscape, feeding into our Academic Career Framework and influencing other L&T related groups and structures.

This work is championed by Sam Grogan, Pro Vice-Chancellor Student Experience and will operationalise the Pedagogic Research Centre identified in the University Research and Knowledge Exchange Strategy 2017-2027.

Who we are

May I take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Dr Jacqueline (Jackie) Leigh and I am a Professor of Nurse Education Practice in the School Health & Society here at Salford. I am a National Teaching Fellow (2017) and Principal Fellow Higher Education Academy (Advance HE, 2017). An adult nurse by profession, I am leading an Advisory Group to implement the Salford Community for Excellence in L&T.

The Salford Community for Excellence in L&T Advisory Group consists of academics with a proven track record in education, educational research and innovative L&T practice, as well as professional colleagues involved in developing educational excellence.

Also central to our SCELT community are our scholarship recipients who are actively creating, delivering and championing excellence in learning and teaching for our students.

“An exciting time”

This is an exciting time for us as an advisory group. We are all passionate about supporting and inspiring developing educators and educational researchers. We will be facilitating change through action, and advising on university strategy and policy. You can find information about each advisory group member by clicking on their individual biography.

The advisory group are already visible and active within the governance structures of the university such as Senate, Student Experience, Learning, Teaching and Enhancement Committee (SELTEC), Associate Dean Academic Forum, Workplace Inclusion Committee, and Student Voice Committee.

Scholarship scheme 2020/21

Building the best environment that promotes an excellent and distinctive L&T experience for students will not happen by chance; there needs to be space and learning and development opportunities for individuals and teams to work together and grow. For this reason, we are pleased that our SCELT scholarship scheme will continue in 2020/2021, enabling University staff to undertake projects that will have a positive impact on student learning and teaching. The focus for this scholarship is the move to online, distance and blended teaching and learning, with the following sub- themes/priorities  that projects should address: 

  • Enhancing student progression (retention) 
  • Employability, path to professional, work readiness  
  • Health, wellbeing and/or resilience   
  • Inclusive curriculum / inclusive learning environment 

Our vision is clear in that we will welcome project bids that aim to positively impact student learning and provide valuable opportunities for our scholarship holders in:

  • Networking with other scholars and project teams through masterclasses
  • Educational leadership development through ongoing mentoring and coaching
  • Applying educational improvement methodologies to demonstrate maximum impact
  • Joining a growing Salford Community for Excellence in L&T

I hope that this information provides the taster of things to come in terms of building the environment that promotes the distinct L&T experience for students.

We are in the process of building this website but you can still engage by posting comments on the “share your practice page” or follow us on twitter: @exedsalford

Best wishes