salfordlogoWe have a Psychology Testing Lab based in the Allerton Building at the University of Salford.

Psychology lecturers at nearby sixth forms and colleges are welcome to use our facilities for teaching, learning and research purposes.  If you would like to arrange a visit to our facilities, please contact Dr Peter Eachus by email: p.eachus@salford.ac.uk 

Our facilities include:

  • Eyetracker laboratory which uses the Tobii x50 eyetracker to monitor conscious and unconscious gaze movements
  • Observation suite with a two-way mirror.
  • Video game analysis laboratory where you can analyse the psychological and physiological effects of video games.
  • Dedicated computer suite that allows access to a range of psychological programs such as ERTSLab and E-Prime.

For further information, visit the dedicated page on the University’s website.