Dr Catherine Thompson

Catherine is a Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology and she joined the University of Salford in 2010. She is module leader for the second and third year Cognitive modules on the undergraduate Psychology programmes, including the final year option module ‘Effective and Affective Thinking and Processing’.

Catherine obtained her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Lincoln; she then went on to work at the University of Manchester on a project funded by the ESRC. Following this Catherine completed an MSc in Psychological Research Methods, and her PhD at the University of Nottingham. Afterwards, she worked as a post-doctoral researcher on an ESRC-funded grant at the University of Nottingham investigating visual attention in the driving task.

Catherine’s research focuses on visual cognition and her main areas of interest include how observers allocate their attention effectively and what factors influence selection; limits in the control of attention; and the influence of emotion and environmental factors on cognitive performance. Catherine’s research has been funded by the British Psychological Society, the Experimental Psychology Society, the ESRC, and the British Academy.

For further information on Catherine’s research and publications please see her SEEK profile.

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