Dr Ashley Weinberg

Ashley is a Chartered Psychologist, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. He has 20 years experience in lecturing, research and consultancy, specialising in interactive workshops and applying psychological theories to real-world situations.  He runs seminars on stress management and emotional well-being at work for audiences as diverse as psychiatrists, community health trainers and dentists. From 2000-2006, Ashley led the establishment of the Psychology department at the University of Salford, where he teaches Occupational, Social, and Forensic Psychology, as well as Individual Differences.

Ashley Weinberg on BBC News 



Ashley is a media contact for the British Psychological Society and has published articles and books on emotional well-being at work, including ‘Stress in Turbulent Times’ (2012), ‘Organizational Stress Management’ (2010) and  ‘Surviving the Workplace’ (2007) with Cary Cooper.  Ashley is also editor of ‘The Psychology of Politicians’ (2012), the first book of its kind to examine the social, cognitive and personality factors underlying the behaviour of national politicians. This follows on from his ongoing research into stress among UK MPs (see video above), which he has carried out alongside studies into employee well-being in a range of public sector job roles, including social and voluntary services, higher education and the National Health Service.

Ashley gained his PhD from the University of Manchester on Sources of Stress in the NHS, following on from an MSc in Occupational Psychology from which he published the first study of stress among national politicians.

For further information on Ashley’s research activities, visit his page on Seek.

Joint lecture on the links between psychology, politics and policy. Dr Ashley Weinberg was representing the BPS, with Professor Liam Delaney representing PSI.

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I am a journalism student at University of Salford and I, along with a few others from class have an assignment for Quays News dealing with the health portion of politics. We came across one of your articles on-line regarding the claim that politicians should complete regular mental health checks to assure they are acting accordingly for the public interest. We would like to know if you have any new information regarding this topic that you could provide us with, and we would like to ask whether or not you would mind being filmed/interviewed for this assignment?
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