Salford YOD Project

The University of Salford’s Institute for Dementias teamed up to work with Salford City Council and Aspire at the Humphrey Booth Resource Centre in Swinton to collaborate on a project focusing on people living with dementia before the age of 65.

Little is known about the needs and experiences of people living with young onset dementia, and they are a group that is commonly overlooked in research. There can be difficulties surrounding diagnosis of young onset dementia, with many symptoms being linked to other mental health issues such as depression or stress. Another factor affecting people’s lives with young onset dementia is that the majority of dementia services have generally been developed for older people.

Younger people living with dementia may have more complex circumstances, including still being in employment or having a younger family that are dependent on them. This means that the impact of a young onset dementia diagnosis can have profound consequences for people living with dementia themselves as well as those around them. For this reason, our project also focused on the care partners and local service personnel involved in the delivery of dementia services within our local community.

Working closely with the Booth Charities of Salford, our Salford Young Onset Dementia research project collaborated with the Humphrey Booth Resource Centre in Swinton as part of our study into the experiences, needs and preferences of people living with young onset dementia. The findings of our study will be used to develop the best practice for services supporting those living with young onset dementia in the community of Salford and provide knowledge towards future research. Key to the success of the project has been the invaluable contribution of people living with young onset dementia and their care partners in a project advisory group setting. The project has also benefited from the contribution of a steering group made up of a wide range of service partners, including local charities, NHS services in Salford and Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue.