Dr Sarah Withers

Lecturer in Biomedicine and Senior Research Scientist

University of Salford and Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust


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Sarah is a physiologist working closely with NHS and academic collaborators to investigate the inflammatory immune response, its effect on adipose tissue and its significance to health. She has ongoing projects with the Cardiovascular Research Group and Immunology Department at the University of Manchester, as well as multidisciplinary projects at the University of Salford ranging from acute lymphoblastic leukaemia research to host-microbe interactions in ventilator-associated pneumonia. As well as her lectureship at Salford she is a Senior NHS Research Scientist and an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Manchester.

Current projects
MICROBIhOME – mixed media installations exploring the human microbiome.
with Joe Latimer, Ian Goodhead and Chloe James

Selected works
Withers, S. et al. (2020). MiRNAs as Novel Adipokines: Obesity-Related Circulating MiRNAs Influence Chemosensitivity in Cancer Patients. Non-Coding RNA 6(1)