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By Oct.07, 2011


The Writing Researcher: Inspiration, Creativity, Fluency is an initiative designed for post-graduate and early career researchers in the UK; and for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the US. The Writing Researcher is facilitated by Dr Ilene D. Alexander (University of Minnesota, US) and Cristina Costa (University of Salford, UK). The purpose of this initiative is three-fold. It aims to:

  1. promote and support writing as a creative, scholarly and collaborative enterprise,
  2. encourage discussion and peer feedback in a distributed, shared environment,
  3. establish an international, inter-disciplinary, inter-cultural peer network.

 This is the first challenge (meme)

The Meme

Thinking about either a small segment of a current research project or the overall scope of a current research project, your invitation here is to

  • write in plain English, let the academese lapse for a while – maybe novel words, stronger verbs, sassy sentences will find their way in,
  • write to develop a single idea or concept, or to convey a novel insight, or to describe the project overall.
  • write for an audience who would not ordinarily encounter this idea – an interdisciplinary colleague, your cousin or gran, a friend since primary school who took another path, or a person in government, industry, community organizing who you want to be in conversation with about a shared concern, or write (in turn, not all at once) for multiple audiences,
  • write no more than two pages, ideally about one page (250 words/page),
  • write before looking at samples: Research in Plain English,
  • write generatively – this is about pushing, finding, exploring an idea.

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