Create the Wine, Stay Away from the Whine – Writing as a 15-Minute A Day Holiday Gift to Yourself

By Dec.19, 2010

By now you’ve read a million words about how to write – at all, a dissertation, with proper grammar, getting citation styles right, to achieve excellence in your filed, so that you can stay focused on topic – and you’re tired of all those words, all framed as if writing is a necessary and bitter pill to be taken if you want to get better as an academic.

And, quite likely, you’ve thought something along the lines of “What a load of crap.” Or maybe I’ve only thought in terms of that particular response and you’ve framed your response in a more nicely phrased way.

By way of Introduction

I write this blog post as someone who’s written three thesis documents (two for masters degrees, one for a PhD – the first two with engaged advisors, the last without advisors’ input – at all) and who still sometimes teaches undergraduate writing courses but now mostly coaches graduate students and their advisors on ways to develop advanced writing practices and skills. And I write as someone who some days loves writing, other days struggles to get it done, and on most days uses writing to find out what I think. I’ve come to understand that for me writing is one of the team sports I have chosen to participate in across my life.

Meridel LeSueur, as the author of a “how to approach writing” pamphlet in the 1930s, was the first writer I encountered who likened writing to sports. A writer from my home state of Minnesota who produced journalism, fiction for adults, non-fiction for young readers, personal journals across a life of 90+ years, and inspired me as a young writer who got to sit with her. LeSueur noted that comfort and fluency in both activities require participants to regularly:

Just go there – Just write – Just enjoy – Just trust/support your writing colleagues – Just do it.

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One thought on “Create the Wine, Stay Away from the Whine – Writing as a 15-Minute A Day Holiday Gift to Yourself

  1. 9 years ago  

    These are all great pieces advice and I am going to take them.
    I have planned to write two articles for publishing in 2011 and refine my Lit Review and Research Methodology dissertation chapters.
    All I need now is a writing buddy! Still looking… any takers?

    You are so right: I always find that have new spots to write help me loads. The Waterstones coffee shop downtown is now my favourite place. Blogging also helps me refine my ideas. Gives me a platform to experiment them and open them up to others. I should blog more often though!

    I am ready to start!
    It’s really useful to ‘hear’ these things from someone else. It helps tremendously. There you go: I have said it. Now I have to do it. Here I go. 2011 is the year of writing for me! 🙂

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