Cohen, (research) events, and how we communicate around here

By Nov.02, 2010

I am soaking wet, but still I am wearing a smile…no flowers in my hair I’m afraid … the rain would have washed them away anyway!

All of this to report I have just come back from Adelphi Building, where Professor David Sanjek showed Tony Palmer’s Bird On A Wire, a documentary film of Leonard Cohen’s 1972 Tour. The film was first shown in public this year, so it was pretty amazing to be able to see it at our University for free, guided by someone who does understand about music. It was quite exciting, and I appreciated the opportunity to have access to other people’s areas of interest and work. Professor Sanjek will be opening Adelphi doors once again tomorrow for another film screening. It will be another movie produced by Tony Palmer. This time it will be about Frank Zappa –  200 Motels. As if this wasn’t reason enough to get people there, Tony Palmer himself will be there to answer your questions! Make sure not to miss it. You don’t even need to reserve a place. It suffice to show up tomorrow at 5pm!

This is not all though! There are more events being hosted by and happening at the University. To keep an eye on what’s on offer, do check this link often. There is plenty of choice. I just think this is a great way to break the routine, have access to different practices and ways of thinking, and, of course, networking.
… speaking of which, last week our Vice-chancellor hosted the first PGR Networking event. The turn up was really high and people seemed to have genuinely enjoyed the opportunity to get together with students from the different research centres. We sure are going to have more of those, but meanwhile there will be other things to get involved in too.

Our Post-graduate Research Training Programme (SPoRT) is full of interesting sessions, and more will be added to it throughout the year, so do keep an eye on it. Any other session, workshops, activities you would like to suggest, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.
Research students at the University have started to organsie weekly informal meetings to discuss the progress of their research and any topics they might be interested in. The Salford Method – so is the initiative called – is also organising open seminars which anyone can attend both face to face or online. For further details, please link here. Sometimes talking to other students is as important as going to the library or staying at home diligently working on your research. As BT used to say, it is good to talk! 😉

On that note, I would just like to remind everyone who reads this blog that we also have other channels for communication. Besides blogging, we also use twitter. You can communicate with us @salfordpgrs. We also have a slideshare presence, where we upload presentations and documents to, and a flickr account where we keep record of the events we organise. There is also a bookmarking site where we keep storing relevant research resources you can tap into or even contribute to.

Are we missing anything? what other kind of channels/ways could we be using to communicate with you more effectively.

We do cherish your comments and we look forward to reading them. Thank you.

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