Personal Branding

By Oct.18, 2010

Last week I did a presentation on Personal Branding at the university of Southampton.

It was a really interesting event as all speakers brought different, yet complementary views to what it means to be online; what’s the point of having a digital presence. All the resources for the event have been aggregated here. Also Check Lisa Harris’ and Lorraine Warren’s blogs on this matter.

At the beginning of November I will be hosting a discussion session about Digital Identity (check the SPORT programme for more information). I will start with s short presentation, but it will be main driven by questions and discussion I hope it will prompt. The vent is open to both students and staff at the University. Any external people wanting to participate, please get in touch and we will see what we can do.

Meanwhile, here are some questions for us to think about:

  • Why should academics develop a digital presence ? What’s the point?
  • How interactive / social should it be?
  • What does it take to establish a digital presence? What kind of strategies am I looking at?  Which elements/ facets of our ‘identity’ should we consider to disclose online?
  • etc

Any experiences / ideas worth sharing, please post them here.

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