Salford Method – Open seminar series starts this month

By Oct.04, 2010

Fred Garnett from the London Knowledge Lab will start the Salford Method Open Seminar Series, with an interactive talk on Heutagogy and the Craft of Teaching. We welcome everyone interested in teaching and learning (their own learning) to attend.

The event will take place in the Think Lab at Salford University in October 26th at 3pm and also worldwide via Elluminate. To register and get access to the web conference room, please link here

Here is a blurb about Fred’s talk and Fred’s bio:

What is Heutagogy?
Go figure 🙂
Why the Craft of Teaching?
From Richard Sennett’s idea of 10,000 hours practice requiring you to be adept at a craft; and Malcolm Gladwell’s view that social revolutionaries, outliers, need that much practice if they want to make a difference

Why Heutagogy?
As it is the phase of the PAH Continuum that is concerned with developing new forms so it is the phase where you can make the most difference as a practitioner…
Becoming a Crafty practitioner; Take your time; learn your subject, learn your context, trust your learners

What’s the PAH Continuum?
From the Open Context Model of Learning, a post-web 2.0 model for the co-creation of learning Why an Open Context Model?
Because the Learner-Generated Contexts Research Group felt that the Open Learn & Social Learn movement needed pedagogic underpinning.
Who are the LGC?
A group of people who used to be lastfridaymob but decided they needed to research into “coincidences of motivations leading to agile configurations”
What was lastfridaymob?
A smart mob named as an homage to Howard Rheingold and a group of people who had built technology learning tools and invented a prototype Facebook for Learning in 2003 only to have it rejected.
Can you have a Facebook for Learning?
Learning is a social process; come see about it with at the Salford Method October 26th 3pm; Heutagogy and the Craft of Teaching?

Fred Garnett bio

Fred is a Visiting Research Associate at the London Knowledge Lab, was previously a Senior Policy Analyst working on e-learning policy and Head of Community Programmes working on Community e-learning at Becta. He has worked in all sectors of education from government to prisons for 30 years and on Technology-Enhanced Learning for 15 years, including building various learning resources. He started teaching as Teaching Assistant at the University of Colorado @ Boulder USA. He is now part of the Learner-Generated Contexts Research Group which came out of a team that built a prototype Facebook for Learning for the DfES in 2003.
LGC, as a research group, looks at the consequences for learning of social media in developing a participatory Knowledge Economy

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