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By Aug.24, 2010

The beginning of a new academic year is approaching.  Here at the Research and Graduate College, we have a new Director of Graduate Studies, Prof Vian Ahmed (click here for more details). We are all getting ready to welcome the new cohort of PhD students. The welcome week starts on the 20th September and we are really keen on working with new and old students and colleagues across the University. There are a lot of new reasons to be happy. We have a new cohort of Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs), the SPoRT programme is looking better than ever, and new collaborative projects await.

Congratulations to all the successful GTAs applicants. Jaye will be working with 23 post-graduate students this year in teaching development. This has been the largest GTA cohort ever across all the 4 Faculties, I am told! Looks like there is an increasing interest in teaching in Higher Education by the post-graduate community. That can only be good. Teaching is also another form of learning, and we are really committed in providing our PhD students with such skills. So much so that Jaye is also developing a new teaching programme to be launched in semester 2.  It will be called Teaching at University for postgraduates and it is designed for  those who are teaching or would like to learn about teaching. For further information watch this space often.

Victoria, amongst other projects, has been fine-tuning the SPoRT programme before it is released online. Looks like some really interesting and new sessions are being offered. Check the PG website for updated information very soon.

I have been working on two new projects based on a networked-learning approach, and supporting the organisation of the first PhD students-led Online Conference in Translation and Interpreting Studies.

It’s going to be an exciting year for all of us.

So before it gets even more hectic than it already is, I’d like to share a video message by a very inspiring academic: Prof. Randy Pausch. I hope you enjoy it and value his words.

In a nutshell, the message we want to pass on to our future and current PhD students is the follwoing:

We are here to help you follow your passion for research, teaching and learning. See this phase of your lives as a journey that will help you grow, develop and mature your expertise and your ‘selves’. As Pausch says, doing a PhD should mean more than getting a title or award. The real reward is in the learning and the networks you construct around you, and the reputation you are able to establish based on your deeds and achievements. Make the best of your stay in Salford by engaging in the activities we offer and also by putting forward other ideas and suggestions. Make the best of this experience. We are here to help! 😉

Any PhDs (students) out there willing to inspiring new postgraduate students with their stories and experiences?


4 thoughts on “Finding your passion

  1. Jenna

    10 years ago  

    Get involved early doors with the training and networking events on offer throughout the university and beyond. Get hooked up on sites such as and linkedin.

    ‘its not what you know its who you know’!!!

  2. 10 years ago  

    Have you got some concrete passion construction method in use? How would you visualize it? – This seems to become my main research interest within KM.

  3. 10 years ago  

    Yep, share your work and interests as widely as possible, network, connect etc etc
    Embrace new technologies and opportunities and find what suits you – be confident enough to challenge the ‘tried and trusted’ ways of doing things.

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