New Year’s resolutions…

By Jan.11, 2010

Dear all,

Happy New year.

We are back at the University and we intend to keep this blogging project going.

2010 is meant to be a year full of innovative projects and new ideas applied to practice. We will be unveiling more of this throughout the year.

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Many people look forward to the new year for a new start on old habits.  ~Author Unknown

So today’s post is about resolutions. And about what every single one of us wants 2010 to represent in our experience.

It is important to set, or at least, renew our goals.

I, for a start, have decided that I will really focus on my PhD project [part-time] and will work on it at least 2 hours a day, independently of how much work I may have during the day (in my current job). So far, so good. I have been able to finish a book chapter and an article which have been sitting in a drawer for quite a while now. I am now preparing to start field work, but will keep writing and collaborating with our PhD students around the world as to learn from and with their experiences too.

Sometimes it is important to remind ourselves why we ventured into a doctoral programme in the first place, and renew that energy and enthusiasm that has brought us here.  It’s a new year. May it also bring new, exciting challenges.

So this is my New Year’s Resolution, what’s yours…?

Meanwhile, I tweet has been sent from my network [thanks John] reminding me of one of the most inspiring academics of all times: Prof. Randy Pausch. And so…I got reassured why I decided to do a PhD. It is part of my dreams!

[ The video was recently posted in TED Talks. To check people’s comments on it please link here]

To hear Randy Pausch talking about ‘Time Managment’ please link here. [~70 minutes]

Randy Pauch inspires graduate students. Another amazing talk. [~6 minutes]

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    Glad to learn about your enthusiasm, dreams and passion. Wishing you a great success with your PhD study.

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