What are universities for and who are universities for?

By Oct.21, 2009

Tune into BBC Radio 4 tonight 8pm, to hear these vexed questions discussed by a panel comprising of academics, students and entrepreneur advocates, at Derby University.  The programme is repeated again this Saturday and you should be able to hear it on listen again.


2 thoughts on “What are universities for and who are universities for?

  1. Jaye McIsaac

    10 years ago  

    Hello Vince

    I’ve just checked the bbc website, but unfortunately this programme is no longer available on the ‘listen again’ section (7 days only) and it isn’t available as a podcast, and the BBC don’t allow for purchase of all recordings. Radio 4 feature regular items about higher education: ‘You and Yours’ and this one – ‘Moral Maze’ are my recommendations – and provide related links – take a look. Anyone else have other suggestions?

  2. 10 years ago  

    Is there a recording available for those of us that missed it?

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