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By Oct.15, 2009

There is an increasing expectation that academics communicate their research to a range of audiences. Many funders already require grant holders to communicate their research to the public, and with research evaluation paying ever more attention to the ‘impact’ of research, the importance of public engagement is set to increase. The media has an obvious role to play here.

Stories of research findings feature in the news on a daily basis (admittedly, not always for the best of reasons, as this recent BBC piece summarises….). In addition, academics are regularly called upon by the media to provide a bit of authoritative comment. Most University Press Offices have an ‘Experts Database’ for this very purpose (you can find Salford’s here).

As a postgraduate researcher, you probably already have experience of adapting the way you describe your research to different audiences (eg. to your family, at a conference, to peers working in other disciplines…..) but how many of you have experience of communicating through the media? Would you feel confident presenting your research on radio or on TV?

If you are a Salford postgraduate researcher who would like to know more about dealing with the media, you can take advantage of a media skills training day, taking place on Wednesday 11th November, from 9 – 4pm. Run by Screenhouse Productions, the course aims to provide you with an understanding of communicating with the public through the media. It includes real life examples, role plays,  practice interviews on camera and insider tips on dealing with broadcasters, production companies and the press.

The course facilitators are two science TV professionals with research backgrounds in genetics and maths. While the examples used are mainly scientific, the course’s focus on understanding the media’s agenda, and on using the media to communicate the story of your research effectively, means that it will be widely relevant to other disciplines as well.

Places are limited, so if you would like to attend, please book onto the SPoRT session using the online booking system .

You can find out more about the programme for the day on the Screenhouse Productions website.

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