Technology for Teaching

By Oct.07, 2009

Government inspired policy toward Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and education has resulted in the significant effect of learning technologies in all facets of Higher Education.  The use, and impact of learning technologies in teaching and learning, in the United Kingdom is now well and truly ‘part of the territory’.

Technology for Teaching is a short introductory programme designed for those who would like to know more about the technologies available at the University of Salford, to support their teaching and learning approaches.  Postgraduate researchers wo want to hone their presentation skills should also find the programme valuable.

Each of the six sessions focuses on a particular technology, providing time to practice, improving both skill and confidence.

Want to know more?  The programme dates and registration information can be found here on the ILS staff training pages.


2 thoughts on “Technology for Teaching

  1. 10 years ago  

    Improvement in learning and professional development is has really become very important today and academic technology are now clearly moving higher education in new directions.

  2. 10 years ago  

    Just to say – I did go on some of these sessions last year – not all – and I would highly recommend them – I am going to try and do the ones I missed last year.

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