SPoRT: Salford Postgraduate Research Training, 2009-10

By Sep.24, 2009

All postgraduate researchers at Salford can take advantage of SPoRT, a free programme of training offered by the Research and Graduate College. Don’t be put off by the acronym – no-one is expecting you to take part in a team-bonding game of rounders in the park. The aim of SPoRT is actually to help you develop the kind of generic skills that will be useful to you both as a researcher and in your longer term career, whether in academia or in other sectors.

SPoRT covers a broad range of topics relevant to researchers from all disciplines, from information sessions on the PhD process at Salford, to more interactive workshops on effective researching, presentation and writing skills, uses of software, personal effectiveness, bid writing and career development.

The full programme can be found here on the postgraduate website

Pick and Choose

To make best use of the programme, identify the sessions that will be most useful and relevant to you, and consider which stage of your PhD to attend them. The sessions run annually, and some sessions get repeated throughout the year as well. It’s worth disusing your training requirements with your supervisor, who can also advise you about the more discipline-specific training offered by your research centre or school. You will need to show that you have reflected on your training needs and identified relevant training to attend as part of your Learning Agreement, written in the early stages of your first year.

New this year

For those of you who have attended SPoRT sessions in the past, you may be interested to know that we have several new sessions on offer this year, in response to feedback and requests from the postgraduate community. These include workshops on learning and teaching for postgraduate teachers, applying for research funding, Geographical Information Systems, researcher personal safety, enterprise and commercialisation, and Myers Briggs personality profiling.


For details of how to book, see the postgraduate website

Registration opens around a month in advance of each session, so you can book now for all the October sessions. If you follow us on Twitter, you will also be reminded when the registration for each session opens.

Any queries at all, please contact me by email or call me on 0161 2954452

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