Preparing for the online conference

By Sep.29, 2011

Delegates and speakers wanting to test the online conference venue before hand can now do so by choosing one of the following options:

  • To test the system prior to the conference day, please link here:  and follow the instructions on the screen (step 1 to step 3). Also use the above link to check that your computer has been updated with the latest java version.

It is advisable that both delegates and speakers try the technology well in advance, as there may be firewall problems. In a small number of cases, we have found that institutional firewalls have prevented access to the platform. If this happens please email us so we can advise you further:

  • If you prefer to do a 1-2-1 test,  you can log in to the conference room on one of the follwoing dates and times:

For further information or questions please contact Cristina Costa in advance.

* Click on the time link to learn what time it will be in your country.


On the day of the conference please use the links provided in the programme.

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