By Mar.22, 2022

Hello and welcome to the Neurodiversity Parent and Carer Network blog! We would like to tell you about the team and the Network, so you know who we are and what we do!  

The Network was set up by researchers at the University of Salford, Dr Amy Bidgood and Dr David Tate. We recently completed The Salford Autism Exercise Project. We found a clear need for more support and engagement between parents, carers and researchers. To fill this gap, we created the Neurodiversity Parent and Carer Network.  

Our aims

The Network aims to support all parents and carers of neurodiverse children. This includes autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and another conditions. With our links throughout the University and our strong research profile at Salford, the Network will pass on research findings directly to those it affects. We want to work directly with parents and carers to share the most up-to-date research with you all. The Network also gives parents and carers a welcoming and open environment to meet us and each other. Network members can build supportive relationships with each other and share information.  

Local organisations and charities in and around Salford are also involved. We will provide signposting for parents and carers to access much needed support.  

How to get involved

Our social media sites share information, advice, and research findings. This blog will also help us do this. But we really want to share this information with you face-to-face at our meetings! We look forward to meeting many parents and carers in the future. Why not join us on social media and use the forum as a place to meet other parents and carers with neurodiverse children?

Please keep coming back to the blog as we post more information, advice, and interviews with researchers!

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