GOA project – Media Concentration and Democracy

By Dec.13, 2012

A large international project on media concentration and media diversity will explore the relationship between media ownership and the quality and diversity of information provided in the media on the recent EU financial crisis. The project, lead by Professor Hilde Van den Bulck,  Professor Peter Van Aelst, Professor Pieter Maeseele and Professor Jan Bouckaert will be funded by the University of Antwerp’s GOA BOF UA special fund for research.

The project will analyse media coverage of the EU financial crisis in four western-European countries, namely Belgium, Germany, UK and Greece to examine how different media structures and systems of ownership affect the quality of the information provided.

I am extremely pleased to be, in collaboration with Professor James Curran (Goldsmiths University), part of the expert advisers committee for the UK, and am looking forward to start working on this exciting project!




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