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By Feb.13, 2012

Our first post.  Possibly one of the most challenging to write.  Here are some of the reasons why we created our blog about Media Psychology.

1.  To shout about it!

Not literally (well maybe sometimes)!   The growing importance of  psychology in understanding media is increasingly recognised in both industry and academia.  We are passionate about raising awareness and busting some of the myths about what media psychology is and how it can contribute to understanding modern day life.  It is much much more than the Psychology of Facebook and Twitter!

2.  We run an MSc in Media Psychology

This September will see our MSc in Media Psychology run for its first time at the University of Salford in Greater Manchester.  It is the first (and only for now) Masters degree in Media Psychology in the United Kingdom.   The course will run from our campus at MediaCityUK so we will be right in the middle of all the action, emphasising what psychology has to offer in terms of enhancing and understanding media design, consumption and communication.

We anticipate that this blog will become an important medium of communication with students, and contribute to our aim of building  relationships with media psychology students that continue beyond the duration of the course.  Also, as part of their work, we will also encourage students to blog about media psychology and reflect on their personal journeys through the course too.  Hopefully there will be a few guest posts from Media Psychology students later this year!

3.  To be online

How can we ‘do’ media psychology without being online?  Some of us blog individually and we use the various social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn.  Having an online presence as a team of media psychologists enables us to reach a wider audience, connect with industries and communities, and discuss and debate current topics and emerging issues from a media psychological perspective.  Our site gives us a platform to share what’s going on in Media Psychology and open up our teaching and research activities for comment and feedback.   We also hope to find and create new opportunities to collaborate and work with others interested in media, psychology, or both.

4.  Making a team

This is a beginning in a way.   Collaborative online spaces such as a blog can offer a way to pull people together with similar goals and interests.  We all have different perspectives and research interests relating to Media Psychology so we anticipate that our blog will provide a way for us to talk Media Psychology in all its richness and complexity in one place.  We also hope to blog our journey as a team, keep track of what we’ve been up to, and document the progress and development of our MSc in Media Psychology.

5.  To lead the way

With our location at MediaCityUK, the expertise of the team, and some considerable ambition, our goal is to establish Salford as a leading centre in Media Psychology training and research in the UK.  Internationally, media psychology is on the up, being recognised as a branch of the American Psychological Association and the German Psychological Society.  We want to put the University of Salford, and the UK on the map for Media Psychology.  Aiming high as they say!

What’s next?  We are really looking forward to building up our blog into a useful, interesting and inspiring place for those interested in Media Psychology to go.  We hope you are looking forward to our posts and we’d love it if you said hello.  We are also on twitter @ukmediapsych too.

The Media Psychology Team


2 thoughts on “Blogging about Media Psychology

  1. 8 years ago  

    Hi Cris,

    Thank you for your lovely comments, and thanks for all your help and giving us a platform via the virtual doctoral school! I agree – how can you ‘know’ about social media if you don’t use it, and if you use it well, its a fantastic, invaluable resource.

    I often experience resistance to social media from a wide range of people – academics, students, practising psychologists, organisations etc – so its a refreshing change to be able to really ‘go for it!’. It’s really great to be working with passionate people who want to reach a wide audience and engage with others online (and offline too).

    Media Psychology is such an exciting area I can hardly contain myself (#nerdalert)! I sometimes fall out with Psychology as for me, it seems to focus more on the here and now, rather than the future. I think this is why Media Psychology appeals to me so much. It is also an area where we can be enterprising and innovative too:)

    Because what’s coming next is so important, its crucial Media Psychology does not go under the radar. I hope the British Psychological Society recognise it as a section one day (soon!). I can see real potential for graduates of the Masters programme to impact upon the media and digital landscape too. I hope they come and look in our ‘window’ and discover the wonderful world of Media Psychology.



  2. 8 years ago  

    Great start Jenna!
    I think you highlight some very important points.

    I think that its not important, but *rather* essential that people who look at (social) media do social media, because only then can you really perceive its value, and its implications, if not pitfalls too. They too exist, and we are only able to acknowledge both by experimenting them.

    I think this will be an important channel to keep us all updated about the developments in this field. It is also a very nice window into the world of media psychology and of researchers like yourself who have very pertinent and interesting perspectives to share. Moreover, for me, it is an opportunity to be ‘included’ in your debates, and learn from a diversity of opinions and experiences. (selfishly this is what is most appealing about this whole initiative: to have access to people who worry about these things and make me think differently. this is bringing the Academia closer to me).

    Lastly, I would like to congratulate you for your passion (sounds odd!?) for the topic you so well convey through your writing. It engages me!

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