OMAX Maxiem 1515 Waterjet Cutter

Our OMAX Maxiem 1515 Waterjet Cutter can cut a variety of materials, ranging from mild steel and aluminium to ceramics like tile and fragile material like foam. Material thickness can be between under 1 mm to over 150 mm (if you want to wait that long!)

Water is pressurised up to 45,000 PSI (approximately 3100 bar) and mixed with abrasive garnet to blast through the material. The five-axis head can tilt to any number of angles in order to remove any taper that appears in the cut or to cut features like chamfers and weld preparations.

To use this machine unsupervised you will need to complete a training course, but we are willing to help out with your projects. STEP files, DXF and DWG are all fine to work with. We keep some material in stock, but if there is something special you want to use it’s best if you order it in. Ask before you buy anything unusual.

The maximum cutting area is around 1200 mm x 1200 mm, and the typical thickness is 10 mm or so. You can cut much thicker material (pretty much anything that will comfortably fit underneath the gantry) but it takes longer. Surface finish and accuracy is degraded with thicker materials, but this can be corrected to a certain extent using the tilting head.