By Nov.12, 2012

This is our feature on poverty. In our SSL we will be firstly, outlining the theories of poverty, providing a critical outlook in how these theories potentially work to consolidate inequality. We will then go onto consider whether poverty is a form of modernization, how can this be demonstrated, and asking what are the implications for the global south?

When considering the first aspect of our presentation, look at this link, based on the African Famine of 1983-85. David has chosen to look closely at this horrific time period in order to portray the reality of poverty.


For the second part of our SSL you need not look no further back in history than 2012 when looking for examples to aid your understanding of the complexity of modernization. It is recommended to take a look at the Ash Tree Crisis 2012, and President Truman speech 1949, which can be found on page 1 of the Development Dictionary.

Also be prepared to answer the question Is famine possible in a Global North modernized country such as Britain?

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