John Head

I am clinical prosthetist and active early career researcher, specialising in upper limb prostheses, and sports prostheses. I am committed to improving the lives of those with limb absence, by gathering evidence and supporting the improvement of prosthetic devices. I work with a number of other institutions and commercial, professional and charitable organisations. I am also a strong advocate of improving education within my field, and have worked with groups in both Uganda and Jordan to this end, as well as helping the International Society of Prosthetists and Orthotists establish appropriate educational standards (November 2018). I am also a nominated partner of the national Health and Care Professions Council, which monitors and accredits educational facilities within the UK and maintains appropriate professional standards for its members.

Current Grants held / due for award

As Principal Investigator

Title: A smart electrode housing to improve the control of upper limb myoelectric prostheses  

(NIHR i4i)  

Date: 1/10/20 to 1/10/23Amount: £771,539 


Title: An adjustable electrode housing to accommodate growing residual limbs (NIHR Starworks 2) 

Date: 1/09/19 to 1/05/20                       Amount: £36,455 


Title: Optimyo project (Liberating technologies) 

Date: 1/9/20 to 07/23                    Amount: £3,320  


Title: Powered hand orthosis project (Liberating technologies) 

Date: 1/ 9/20 to 07/24                    Amount: £14,168  


As Co-investigator

Title: Fit for purpose body powered prostheses (EPSRC) 

Dates: 1/2/18 to 31/7/21                            Amount:£1,412,730 


Grants completed


As Principal Investigator

Title: An adjustable electrode housing to accommodate growing residual limbs (NIHR Starworks 1) 

Date: 1/07/18 to 31/05/19                         Amount: £43,810  


Title: LimbPower survey (English federation of Disability Sports) 

Date: 29/03/17 to 31/10/17           Amount: £10,000  


As institution Principle Investigator

Title: A novel Socket Interface Monitoring System (SIMS) to guide socket fitting for growth in lower limb child amputees (NIHR) 

Date: 1/3/18 to 31/03/19                           Amount: £49,760 

Postgraduate Research Supervision Interests

Topic areas of interest for supervision include:  

All areas of prosthetics and rehabilitation; some areas of orthotics, including upper limb orthotics; Biomechanics; health & rehabilitation; amputee sports; amputee psychology; biomedical applications.

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Prosthetics, Amputee, Myoelectric, Sports, Orthotics, Bionic