Dr Chelsea Starbuck

Chelsea is a Research Fellow at the University. Chelsea splits her time between the University and the Manchester Institute of Health and Performance (MIHP). Chelsea’s role at the MIHP includes developing biomechanical assessment and analysis packages for elite and recreational athletes and clinical populations as well as contributing to several research projects. Chelsea’s research includes understanding lower limb injuries, particularly sport-related injuries such as ankle sprains, chronic ankle instability and knee injuries (e.g. meniscal injuries and ACL injuries) and the potential long-term consequences of these injuries. Chelsea is also interested in understanding shoe-surface interaction during sport-specific movements. Chelsea’s current research projects include understanding hip loading when carrying heavy loads following fatiguing exercises in a military population and understanding structural and functional differences in those who develop chronic ankle instability with those do not develop long-term symptoms following an ankle sprain. Chelsea was recently awarded the New Balance Footwear Research Award for the Custom Footwear Award Category where she will be assessing the effect of a flexible ankle collar on function in individuals with chronic ankle instability. Before joining the University of Salford Chelsea lectured at the University of St Mark and St John on a range of degree programmes including Sport and Healthy Sciences, Sports Therapy, Physical Education and Strength and Conditioning. During her time at Marjon, Chelsea became a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Chelsea is currently on the editorial board for Footwear Science. Chelsea also co-chairs the Health and Society Early Career Research group.

Postgraduate Research Supervision Interests

Topic areas of interest for supervision include:

  • Understanding lower limb injuries including sport-related injuries at ankle and knee
  • Exploring the development of chronic ankle instability after an acute lateral ankle sprain
  • Examining the structural and functional deficits individuals who have chronic ankle instability
  • Exploring mechanisms of injuries (e.g. ankle sprains, meniscal injuries, ACLs) using biomechanical and ultrasound techniques
  • Investigating shoe-surface interactions during sport-specific movements and the relationship with injury risk

Find out more about my work

Open Access: http://usir.salford.ac.uk/view/authors/59374.html

ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6266-2876


Lower limb biomechanics, shoe-surface interactions, Load carriage, Sports Injuries