Christopher Bramah

Chris Bramah is a clinical physiotherapist with a research interest in the field of sports and exercise science and medicine. His current research has focused on the biomechanics of high performance endurance running, running related injuries and gait retraining. Alongside Dr Stephen Preece, he set up the Universities Running Performance Clinic which provides 3D gait analysis assessments to runners.  

Chris has now established a running gait analysis clinic at the Manchester Institute of Health & Performance, where he provides running biomechanical assessments to a range of athletes from across the world. As part of his work Chris provides consultancy biomechanical advice for several football clubs, British Triathlon and British Athletics. He also continues to work clinically as part of a multidisciplinary team including orthopaedic surgeons, sports and exercise medicine consultants and sports scientists at the Manchester Institute of Health & Performance where holds roles on the Medical Advisory Committee and centre research board.  

His current research interests include injury mechanisms, diagnosis, biomechanics and rehabilitation in the areas of hamstring strain injuries, Achilles tendon injuries and running related injuries. He also has an ongoing interest in biomechanical characteristics of high performance running, running economy and gait retraining.  

Postgraduate Research Supervision Interests

Hamstring strain injuries, Achilles tendon injuries, medial tibial stress syndrome, iliotibial band syndrome, hamstring tendinopathy. Running biomechanics, including injury mechanisms and performance characteristics. Injury prevention and rehabilitation strategies.

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Running, injury, Accessibility, biomechanics, rehabilitation, physiotherapy